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Do I REALLY Need a Wedding Planner? Pt 2: The Vendors

Hi friends!

Here we are again, discussing the second reason that you really do need a wedding planner...The Vendors!

Let's do a little mental exercise. I want you to close your eyes and imagine your wedding day. The version that gives you goosebumps because it's just so dang perfect. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Hear? How do you FEEL? Are you in a unique venue that you've never seen a wedding performed in before? Do you see flowers that are big and bold and gorgeous and smell like heaven? Is music playing that's keeping your guests up and dancing and having an amazing time? Are you nibbling on hors d'oeuvres that are the PERFECT balance of salt, fat, acid & heat?** The table linens, are they stunning and tie the room together perfectly? Does your videographer seem to be everywhere at once, but so unobtrusive that you forget they're there? Are you having so much fun that you just don't want the night to end?

Ok, now that we've established your perfect wedding, how did you get there? WHO are the people behind the curtain making sure everything falls into place? WHAT do other people say about them? WHERE did you find them? WHEN did you find time to interview them all? WHY are they perfect for you and your wedding?

There are so many wedding vendors out there and most of them are perfect for someone. But not everyone is right for YOU. Budget, personality, style, availability, communication style...all of these are reasons why a vendor may not be your perfect match. And there's A LOT of work that goes into figuring that out. A wedding planner is a great option to help with vendor selection for several reasons:

  • Planners will have relationships and working experience with lots of vendors. We've seen them in action and can recommend people who work best with you and your needs.

  • Wedding planners have a good idea of typical market costs in your area and can help keep you on track with your budget (remember yesterday's post??)

  • You're a busy person with things going on. Your wedding planner can do tons of legwork to narrow down your options.

  • We want to make sure that your vision is coming to life. You get the final say in who is actually hired, but because planners have seen lots of different options, there, we can make suggestions that you may not even have considered.

  • Wedding planners are project managers. We keep things on track, on time, and moving according to plan. That includes communicating with vendors to make sure that everyone is on the same page in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding and on the day of. There will be no DJs playing the wrong song for the bride to walk down the aisle, because your planner will LOCK THAT SHIT DOWN.

Let's wrap this up so that you can go back to dreaming about your wedding. But when you go back to your dream wedding, maybe this time you'll see a wedding planner in the background keeping everything running smoothly.

**Also, I love food and if you haven't seen or read Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat, you should check it out. This isn't an ad or anything. I just really enjoyed it.

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