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Do I REALLY Need a Wedding Planner? Pt 3: The Details

Hi Friends!

We're back for part 3 of the "Do I REALLY Need a Wedding Planner?" series and today we're discussing The Details! Try this fun game out and Google "wedding checklist." You know what shows up? Over 132 MILLION results show up!

I don't know about you, but that gives me a huge case of "shopper's shock" (I made that phrase up, but it's essentially when there are too many options to choose from and you just kind of get stuck in making a decision. Also, I adore alliteration). Which list should you choose? If you decide not to use a pre-made internet checklist, how do you know what to include? And if you decide to go a non-traditional wedding route, what then??

Well happily, there's a solution for that! A Wedding Planner!! From the very beginning of the process with your planner, we'll be asking questions, checking out your social media, getting a sense of your style and getting to know YOU. Yes, there are some things that are fairly common across the board, like invitations, a dress, a venue, food, music, photos, flowers, etc. But even though those things may be common, they aren't standard. Want to wear a suit instead of a dress? That's a different set of details. Destination wedding or backyard or church or museum for your venue? Very different details there too. Is a bouquet made of origami birds instead of flowers more your style? Let's make that happen, but we have to consider some different details! Every aspect of your wedding is unique to you and as such, there is no "one size fits all" approach to the details.

Your wedding planner will work with you create the vibe the matches you and your partner's personalities perfectly, and will make sure that no details slip through the cracks. This also includes communicating with your vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page and your wedding celebration runs flawlessly. Tomorrow we'll be chatting about the timeline and how to keep everything on track. See you then!

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